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At present the Overwatch character styling and the marketing strategy behind them

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Create with the heart,
build with the mind

Watching my dad draw and create art has always been a fond memory. I treasure the little art that survived, which I had saved from those days. Looking at them, they serve as a good reminder that it takes time and practise to craft something that you can be proud of and hopefully others will enjoy. Please find the latest collection of illustrations that I have created.

Overwatch Tracer

Tricky illustration involving body postion with mechanical elements, super fun to do and a great way to decompress after a hard days work.

W3W Russia illustration

Revamped the Russina illustration for a more toned down version, inspiration taken from old Russian stamps.

W3W Russia illustration

One of the scrapped illustrations for What3Words. Got abit carried away with the whole Russian theme.

W3W Korea illustration

Focused on vanishing points to get more depth to the atmosphere and push the 3D shading in this style to make the non-human elemetns interesting.

W3W Costa Rica illustration

Used the jungle plants from Costa Rica to make this piece feel fuller and solid.

W3W Cameroon illustration

Cameroon have colourful buses that transport people around the country. They use a mixture of bespoke hand painted type styles to catch your eye

W3W Tunisia illustration

We had some fun time getting each scene just right to it made sense that the viewer was zooming into the location to meet the CEO of the Tunisian postal service

W3W Nambia illustration

Getting to do some loopy loop typography for this letter!

W3W Rwanda illustration

Rwanda have these bright, eye catching wall designs to get you to test out their wares. Thought it would make a nice change in style from the rest of the W3W pack.

W3W Nigeria illustration

First illustration for W3W. Guy had a great smile had to capture it.

Overwatch Genji

Finalised illustration and added metal reflected highlights for depth.

Overwatch Genji WIP

A WIP shot of Genji.

Overwatch Hanzo

I really liked the challenge of drawing his dragon tattoo.

Designer cards

Long project to produce a pack of cards. Topic: mythology.

Geometric Bailey the cat

Portrait of Bailey in geometric form.

Illustrated family

Illustration of clients family.


'Work first, wash afterwards'. Chalk on blackboard at OgilvyOne Canary Wharf 300x200cm, circa 2016.